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gold American eagle at wholesale bulk price 1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/10 troy ounce Cheap, Low Prices Available

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Invest in American Gold Eagles 2014 and Earlier
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Silver Maple Leaf from Canada. Canadian Maple Leaf
Silver Mapleleafs
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$20 Gold Liberty Double Eagle .9675 Troy ounce gold coin almost one trouy ounce of gold bullion
U.S. Antique $20 Liberties: 

Gold 20 franc Napoleon III gold coin contains .1867 pure gold content. also known as "Nap 3's".  Buy wholesale, low price. U.S. and world gold coins Fast and Free Delivery. Call now.


 Napoleon III 

Gold Coins. Lowest Price direct. U.S. and world gold. BBB rated.



European 20 Francs starting at $14.25 over melt value 
(.1867 troy) 
35 coin minimum.

Silver Maple Leaf from Canada. Canadian Maple Leaf

Canadian Maple Leaf +$2.45

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European Gold
Canadian Silver Maple leaf

gold American eagle 1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/10 troy ounce

[Most Recent Quotes from www.kitco.com]
[Most Recent Quotes from www.kitco.com]

Gold American Eagles, Lowest Prices, Wholesale

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European Gold
Canadian Silver Maple leaf

Canadian Silver Maples 

Siver American Eagles

Gold American Eagles

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Invest In Gold American Eagles
As a U.S. Mint American Eagle program dealer of all denominations of gold and silver eagle coins we can deliver any quantity directly to you or a depository approved for IRA storage.

The Gold Eagle bullion coin's weight, content, and purity is guaranteed by the United States Government. Requiring no assaying, American gold Eagles are easily converted to cash at any time.

We have 1/10 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/2 oz, and 1 oz gold eagles available.

PURITY .9167 | 22 carat gold* Weight given is that of gold content. Actual weight is higher.

Coin Market Value

Each American Gold Eagle's price is based on the current market "spot price" plus a premium per coin. The spot price of gold (and all precious metals) is reported every business day in all major newspapers, network television and radio and online. Additionally, spot prices are updated in real-time on this website.

The Coin Design

The beautiful and classic design of the American Gold Eagle bullion coin is captured in the graceful Striding Liberty, first created by Augustus Saint Gaudens for the 1907-1933 $20 U.S. Double Gold Eagle gold coin. The reverse depicts a nest of American eagles signifying the strength and security of American families.

Only gold mined in the United States, by law, is used in the minting of American gold Eagle coins. The 1986 Gold Eagle marked the introduction of this world renowned Gold American Eagle bullion coin series. It has since become the world's most widely traded gold bullion coin.

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European Gold 20 Franc Coins and 10 Guilder Gold Coins. Italian 20 Lira . World gold.


There is a tendency in all of us to believe that what is going to happen with our investments is what we want to have happen. If you wanted the tech bubble to continue in 2000 you had plenty of experts assuring you that it would. The author and CNBC guest James Glassmen said in October 1999, “What is dangerous is for Americans not to be in the market.” Larry Wachtel, a Prudential big shot suggested, “Most of these stocks are reasonably priced. There is no reason for them to correct violently.” Then the Nasdaq lost over 50%. Jim Cramer told us to buy Sun Microsystems at $60. It fell to $3.00. We can pull up hundreds of similar comments and advice. Suzie Orman; Larry Kudlow; Louis Rukeyser; Lou Dobbs; Marie Bartiroma; Abby Joseph Cohen; Alan Greenspan; they were all wet.

In 2008 Jim Cramer proclaimed, “Bye-Bye bear market, say hello to the bull.” Ben Bernanke assured us in January 2008, “The Federal Reserve is not currently forecasting a recession.” He followed that terrible prediction with this whopper, “The Federal Reserve will not monetize the debt.”

So if you’re believing everything you hear from Wall Street talking heads on CNBC or believing the press releases from the Fed and the administration in Washington, it might be time to see this as a countercyclical indicator. At the very least it could mean you should listen to us on where to put at least 10% of your net worth. You will never hear anybody beating the drum for silver on CNBC. That’s another excellent indicator. If the price of silver soars to the point where it’s praised in the media it may be time to sell.


Whenever I’m stuck over something to write about I dig out my dog-eared volume of Human Action by Ludwig von Mises. This great economist warned time and again about the sorry consequences of our left- wing monetary policies. Although he passed from the scene in 1973, he was prescient enough to write, “Radical inflationism is an essential feature of the economic ideology of our age.” Mises was death on inflating. He wrote that it was a policy that could not last. Ultimately, it must lead to hyperinflation or an economic bust.

He experienced firsthand the Weimar Republic inflation and he explained what happens when governments come to rely on excesses of money and credit. “The course of progressing inflation is this: at the beginning the inflow of additional money makes the price of some commodities and services rise; other prices rise later. The price rise affects the various commodities and services at different dates and to a different extent.

“This first stage of the inflationary process may last for years. While it lasts, the prices of many goods and services are not yet adjusted to the altered money relation. There are still people in the country who will not yet become aware of the fact that they are confronted with a price revolution which will finally result in a considerable rise of all prices, although the extent of this rise will not be the same in the various commodities and services.

“Finally, the masses wake up. They become suddenly aware of the fact that inflation is a deliberate policy and will go on endlessly. A breakdown occurs. The crack-up boom appears. Everybody is anxious to swap his money against ‘real’ goods, no matter how much money he has to pay for them. Within a very short time, within a few weeks or even days, the things which were used as money are no longer used as media of exchange. They become scrap paper. Nobody wants to give away anything against them.

“It was this that happened with the continental currency in America in 1781, with the French mandats territoriaux in 1796, and with the German Mark in 1923. It will happen again whenever the same conditions appear. If a thing has to be used as a medium of exchange, public opinion must not believe that the quantity of this thing will increase beyond all bounds.”

Mises not only advocated free markets, he established the moral foundation that underpins Capitalism: “The market economy directs the individual’s activities into those channels in which he best serves the wants of his fellow man.” He also mistrusted the state. “If government were in a position to expand its power ad libitum, it could abolish the market economy and substitute for it all-round totalitarian socialism. In order to prevent this, it is necessary to curb the power of government. This is the task of all constitutions, bills of rights, and laws. This is the meaning of all struggles which men have fought for liberty.”

Most worrisome is Mises’ warning about what could happen if Marxism and socialism were to prevail over free market capitalism. “It rests with men whether they will make the proper use of the rich treasure with which this [economic] knowledge provides them or whether they will leave it unused. But if they fail to take the best advantage of it and disregard its teachings and warnings, they will not annul economics; they will stamp out society and the human race.” 



Antique European Gold... 
The Original "European Common Currency". 

European 20 francs are a great bullion alternative (at a low price) to modern gold bullion coins. Swiss francs, Gold francs, Angels, Ceres, Roosters cold coins, B.U., .1867%, troy ounce, gold at low prices.

Photo's of Various Gold European Coins Below
Gold, Silver Prices Today- Current. Low Prices. Low Commissions. Buy at discount, wholesale prices. Typically get better over all pricing compared to companies like Monex, Monaco ( zoomcoin.com ), Goldline, Investment Rarities Inc (IRI), Blanchard, Jefferson Coin. Save 75% or more with low commissions and related low prices contact Best American Gold Coin. Buy direct. U.S. and world gold coins.
History of The European Monetary Union of The 1800's    


In 1865, in response to the growing influence over trade and commerce of the Zollverein (the unification of the German States), Belgium, France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Finland entered into what became known as the Latin Monetary Union.

The goal of the union was to build an uniform decimal weight system for all coinage, modeled after the 20 Franc in use in the time in France, to facilitate free-trade. All coins, though not always denominated in francs, were to comprise the unique weight of.1867 ounces pure gold per 20 units of currency.
The Latin Monetary Union stayed intact until 1922, coming to an end within the aftermath of World War I. Despite its dissolution, several states continued to mint coinage by this specific weight into the modern period.

Antique European Gold Coins...              

European gold coins that are at least 100 years old are a great way for you to own gold.  They give you distinct advantages not found in modern issued bullion coins. 
Best Prices. Low Prices. Low Commissions. Buy at discount, wholesale prices. Thinking of Buying certified gold and silver coins graded by PCGS, NGC  from companies like Monex, Monaco ( zoomcoin.com ), Goldline, Investment Rarities Inc (IRI), Blanchard or Jefferson Coin? These are all fine companies that will deliver quality gold and silver coins for a price. If you would like to save 75% or more with low commissions and related low prices contact Best American Gold Coin. Suppliers of U.S. & foreign Gold and Silver Coins and bullion. Buy direct. U.S. and world gold from BBB rated co. Call now 480-593-8075. Buy direct. Free & Fast Delivery

Why Are European Minted Gold Coins Such A Great Way For You to Own Gold?

1. They are one of the most desirable types of gold coins for you to own.

It was a criminal act to own gold bullion for over forty years in the U.S. from May, 1933 until January 1st, 1975. In 1933, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt under Executive Order, invoking the 1917 Trading with the enemy act demanded U.S. citizens turn in their hard earned gold.  Coins of "special collector interest" were exempt from this forced turn-in of gold.

The official price of gold was 20.67 greenbacks an ounce in May of 1933. In early 1934 the "Official" price of gold was raised by FDR to $35. Coin collectors who owned gold did very well in 1935. No one else legally owned any gold bullion with the exception of personal jewelry, gold for certified industrial use, and the U.S. Treasury.

2. Completely private, non-reportable:

Have you ever been sued? It may just be a matter of time.

Americans sue each other for ridiculous reasons. The burglar may sue you for injuries sustained by bites from your big guard dog 
The town drunk may fall over in your yard, break his leg and then sue you for millions. After winning his lawsuit, he can start drinking "the good stuff" in his new house that once was yours.

Old European gold coins can be acquired by you in absolute privacy. 
Private from any public records. 
No public records and they are not reportable to the I.R.S. when you buy or when you sell.  It's important you keep all the records you may require for tax reasons.

3. They currently sell for a small premium over their gold content.

The bottom line: 
They're old...
They're collectable
They'll protect your wealth
They're non-reportable
They're non-confiscatable*
They're genuine antique gold coins being over 100 years old
They're a great legacy, truly a meaningful way to pass wealth to your heirs.

They're Historic. Most of these coins have been secreted away on the European continent since the 1800's. They remained hidden through the devastation of two World Wars. Some of these coins may have been used to buy safe passage from "harm's way". (No ones taking checks, bank cards or cash from a fallen government in a war zone.)

Older European's who survived World War II, have deep respect for gold. 
They know first hand that "Gold can deliver salvation". THEY KNOW that gold will save your butt when all hell breaks out either economically, or when an unthinkable military attack occurs.

These historic gold coins currently sell for a small premium over their gold content.
U.S. and world (European) 20 francs are a great bullion alternative (at a low price) to modern gold bullion coins. Swiss francs, Gold francs, Angels, Ceres, Roosters cold coins, B.U., .1867%, troy ounce, gold at low prices. bbb rated co. Call now. Lowest price direct. Fast, Free delivery.

"I am afraid that one day the government will indeed call gold in. Gold bullion will be subject to government confiscation. ...This is the one big advantage to numismatic (antique coins of special interest) gold...It is an idiosyncrasy of governments that although they may prohibit ownership of gold in any form, they are reluctant to touch collections of numismatic gold coins...   
Today, there are some 49 countries which forbid ownership of gold by their citizens, but they do allow holding gold coins for numismatic purposes. Even the former Soviet Union and Eastern European countries tolerated the acquisition of numismatic gold coins. So these are the only gold holdings that could be kept in your safety deposit box without fear of confiscation."
The Late Franz Pick- Economic Historian/ Economist 


1) Low Premium- Currently these coins have low premiums over their gold value. The premiums have doubled in the last few months. The premiums have been higher in the past.

2) Affordable- Antique European gold coins still appear to be reasonably priced. Their smaller size make them highly liquid.

3) Undervalued- Many gold experts feel that gold is cheap relative to other assets. 

4) Financial Security-In a financial meltdown or panic, gold has historically been a refuge of safety. Considering that the U.S economy is suffering from confusion related to ObamaCare and general mismanagement, this is an excellent time for you to buy a safety net for your family.

Great Condition
European Gold coins come in extremely fine condition. This means everything is bold and clear on these antique gold pieces, similar to if you reached in your pocket and grabbed a quarter dated a couple of years ago.

The Bank for International Settlement (B.I.S.) Was formed in 1930 for the specific purpose of being the "Central Bankers" Central Bank.

Ownership of the B.I.S. Is 84% held by foreign, privately owned, Central Banks, and the remaining 16% is owned by certain elite private investors.

Ten times a year the Governors of the Central Banks of The Group of 10 meet at the B.I.S. Headquarters in Basel, Switzerland to set the monetary policy for the world.

Question. If the banker's bank historically keeps its own affairs in GOLD FRANCS, is it wise for you to consider keeping some of your assets in gold francs to help maintain your own economic viability? 

Consider ordering some today at our low prices. They are reasonably priced at close to their melt value and are an excellent, private way for you to own gold.

Call 480-593-8075

French Napoleon III 20 franc gold coin
Minted 1852 - 1870
Fineness: .900
Actual Gold Content: .1867 troy ounce 
Napoleon III, nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte, the 20 franc gold coin dated 1852-1870  depicts Napoleon III Gold 20 franc Napoleon III gold coin contains .1867 pure gold content. also known as "Nap 3's".  Buy wholesale, low price. U.S. and world gold coins Fast and Free Delivery. Call now.Gold Coins. Lowest Price direct. U.S. and world gold. BBB rated. Fast and free Delivery. Call now 480-593-8075.

Napoleon III (1808-1873) was the nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte and Emperor of France from 1852 to 1870. Napoleon III strove to recover the power of France to the lofty stature achieved under his famous uncle, but his rule was undermined by a sequence of political blunders including rifts with the Vatican over lands and the French business community over his free trade policy with England. In the War of 1870, in part because of the political disunity at home, he met defeat in the superior tactics of the Prussians near Sedan. Within days, the diminished Napoleon III was unseated by a fresh revolution. Failing to recover the previous power of Napoleonic France he left France for England where he fell ill and died. Some historians claim from a "broken heart".
Napoleon-III-3-Gold-20-francs contain the same gold content as Belgium 20 francs, French 20 gold francs, Italian 20 lire gold (francs). Buy direct. U.S. and world gold. BBB rated co. Fast and Free delivery.

French Angel 20 franc gold coin
Minted 1871 - 1898
Fineness: .900
Actual Gold Content: .1867 troy ounce

Of all the timeless European gold coins, the French Angel, minted from 1871 to 1898, is one of the most actively pursued.

The legend of the "Lucky Angel" began in the mid1790s during the French Revolution.
Augustus Dupre, the coin's designer, legend is that he bribed a criminal magistrate and was granted a reprieve from a date with the guillotine by the Lucky Angel coin in his own pocket.
In 1871, the style was resurrected for the gold French 20franc.

French angel 20 gold coin contains .1867 troy ounce gold. Buy at wholesale low price.European minted gold French angel 20 gold coin contains .1867 troy ounce gold. Buy at wholesale low price. U.S. and world gold coins. Buy direct. Fast and free delivery. Call now 480-593-8075

Switzerland Helvetia 20 franc gold coin
Minted 1897 - 1930
Fineness: .900
Actual Gold Content: .1867 troy ounce

Due to its key geographical location, Switzerland has been a commercial and banking facility for countless decades. It's renowned for its function in the gold market where "the gnomes of Zurich" are thought to carry much power. The "gnomes" made their very first dash in the gold market when they convinced South Africa that Swiss lenders would become a better market for the gold in relation to the Birmingham variety. European gold company instantly adopted the South Africa lead. Known gold expert Timothy Green declared, "Gold is as much part of Europe since the Alps and skiing."

The Swiss 20-franc Helvetia is referred to informally since the "Vreneli" produced from "Verena" that is Switzerland's comparable to the Unites States' Lady Liberty. Patterned by Francoise Engli, this female in the obverse of the gold coin with the word "Helvetia" written above her hair. When the Roman Empire extended northward into Gaul throughout the 2nd millennium B.C., the Helvetii were the dominant tribe within the region, and consequently Europe became known to the Romans as Helvetia. On the back (reverse) is a image of the Swiss Cross surrounded by a shield, lying on an oak part.

Swiss Franc 20 gold coin contains .1867 troy ounce gold. Buy at wholesale low priceBest Prices. Low Prices. Low Commissions. Buy at discount, wholesale prices. Thinking of Buying certified gold and silver coins graded by PCGS, NGC, ICG or ANACS from companies like Monex, Monaco ( zoomcoin.com ), Goldline, Investment Rarities Inc (IRI), Blanchard or Jefferson Coin? These are all fine companies that will deliver quality gold and silver coins for a price. If you would like to save 75% or more with low commissions and related low prices contact Best American Gold Coin. Suppliers of U.S. & foreign Gold and bullion.

Switzerland Confederatio Helvetica 20 franc gold coin
Minted 1883 - 1896
Fineness: .900
Actual Gold Content: .1867 troy ounce

                                                   Swiss Gold 20 francsr are a good alternative to Canadian Gold Maple Leafs.Swiss 20 Franc (rev) are a good alternative to American Gold Eagles.




Netherlands 10 Guilder
Willem III design (1875-1889)

                                               Netherlands 10 Guilder are a good alternative to gold Canadian Maple Leaf bullion coinsNetherlands 10 Guilder are a good alternative to American Gold Eagles.


Netherlands 10 guilder "Kings" in Extra-Fine/ About Uncirculated condition are a top choice for bulk gold investors and coin collectors. They offer exceptional scarcity, historical importance, and classic European minting for little more than the cost of bullion.

Minted from 1875 to 1889, these classic Dutch gold coins feature Willem III, the last king in the Orange-Nassau line. Willem was widely admired as an enlightened constitutional monarch who guided his nation through many progressive reforms.

Exceptional scarcity, great value

Slightly larger in size and gold content than French 20 franc Angels, Dutch 10 guilder Kings are much scarcer than most of the European gold coins we trade in bulk. A scant 7.8 million were minted, all years combined, and most have been lost to circulation and melting. This exceptional scarcity provides the potential for increased premiums in a rising gold market. But our Dutch Kings are trading for nearly the same price as Angels, making them one of the best values in European gold coins.

We highly recommend Netherlands 10 guilder Kings as a smart alternative to modern gold bullion coins for investors seeking the extra leverage to the gold market that scarce, classic gold coins can provide.

Key Benefits
Better than bullion. For virtually the same price per ounce as modern bullion coins, XF/AU Dutch Kings offer extra benefits like limited supply, constant collector demand, complete financial privacy, and extra profit potential because of scarcity.
Exceptional scarcity. BU Dutch Kings are much scarcer than French Angels, Roosters, and Swiss Helvetias but trade for almost the same cost. Such scarcity can mean can add leverage to a rising gold price.
Private, liquid, secure. These classic Dutch gold coins are not reported to the IRS by brokers and are exempt from government confiscation. They offer complete financial privacy and instant liquidity.

Dutch 10 Guilder, Willem III
Minted: 1875 to 1889
Content: 0.1947 oz. pure gold
Weight: 6.7290 grams

Willem-III-rev. Minted in Belgium these Dutch 10 guilders contain .19447 ounce of pure goldWillem-III-Ob- These historic, antique gold coins are popular and contain .1947 troy ounce of gold. Popular because they are minted in Belgium and are popular way to buy and sell gold. BBB rated co. Fast Free delivery. U.S. & world gold coins. Call Now 480-593-8075


Dutch 10 Guilder Gold Coins are comprised of .1947 of a troy ounce of gold. These nearly one fifth ounce gold coins have a purchasing premium of less than modern American Gold Eagles in the 1/2, 1/4 and 1/10 sizes. All are dated from the late 1800 to the early 1900's (Dates our option). These classic 10 guilder gold coins are 90% pure gold with a 10% copper/silver alloy added for durability. (This is the same gold/alloy composition ratio seen in historical U.S. gold coinage.) The coins come in extra-Fine (EF) condition to about- uncirculated (AU) state.

"Today, much of Europe shares a common currency, the Euro (€). But this is really nothing new. Back in the days of the international gold standard, countries including France, Switzerland, Belgium, Greece and Italy shared a common gold measure." 

The 20-franc and 20 Lira, each containing .1867 ounce pure gold are traded “dealer to dealer” generically. It is common to see retail dealers “talk up” one coin over the other. The truth is, in our experienced opinion, these coins should be bought for their gold content and ultimately it just doesn’t matter if you get a 20 franc or 20 lire coin from France or Italy or any other country. Most 20 franc coins meet the requirement of being pre-1933’. This arguably gives you a “glorified bullion” coin that can be seen as a collectible coin rather than a monetary bullion hoarding instrument. In the past when gold was illegal to own from 1933 until January 1st, 1975, “collectors” were allowed to keep their “collections” while monetary bullion holders were subject to criminal and civil penalties from the Department of the Treasury if found to be in possession of gold bullion.

The simple truth is the government may never again compel bullion holders to turn their gold in. Do you want to risk it? A desperate President and Treasury Secretary can be like a drunken 800 pound gorilla… They feel they can do any damn thing they want... and under the color of law and crisis... they can.

The fact is simply that the possibility of another gold recall (a.k.a. confiscation) is not going away. This possibility will continue to enhance the desirability of owning these coins. 

European Pre-1933 Gold

The majority of antique foreign (Euro-Gold) meet the pre-1933 numismatic (collectible) criteria.
These coins are a terrific value especially when compared to fractional-sized modern bullion coins and are the perfect choice when you consider the possibility of gold confiscation.

These are the coins we deliver the most of since they have low-premiums over their melt value, are sized about 1/5 to 1/4 troy ounce which makes them more negotiable. These antique gold coins are internationally recognized, traded, and highly liquid. In short… they represent great value and we feel they are the best choice for those who are transferring a good amount of U.S. dollars into the safety of gold.

480-593-8075 or email: BestAmericanGoldCoin@yahoo.com 


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Ronald Reagan
  "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same."
President Ronald Reagan.

God Bless America. American Flag on gold coin discount website for IRA's. NightowlSelf-directed retirement accounts and Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA's) are interesting vehicles for building retirement assets. 

Diversifying your retirement portfolio with Precious Metals could be an insurance plan against such occasions as terrorism and wars, inflation and deflation, and downturns within the stock exchange as well as the UNITED STATES dollar. Valuable Metals can give big gains in these sorts of conditions.
Once you choose you want to contain Precious Metals inside your retirement planning, you should decide how much you would like to speculate with. How much depends on your personal objectives, your yearly contribution as well as your own investment philosophy. Variables to consider are your total assets, age, and risk tolerance.

Use Your Self-directed IRA to buy gold and silver and store your gold and silver at your local bank or at home. 
Don't pay Trustee and Storage fees you don't need to. Call for details. 480-593-8075 

Proof Silver American Eagle Obverse (front) and Reverse View.

The Silver American Eagle

 The American Silver Eagle is the most popular current production coin in the USA.
The United States Mint has been producing Silver American Eagles since 1986.
This one troy ounce (31.1 grams) large silver dollar coin has a face value of one dollar and includes one troy ounce of 99.999% (three-nines) pure silver.
The Silver American Eagle is also minted as a PROOF coin for collectors and investors. Over the years the coins were produced at three United States mints. The Philadelphia mint, generated only "business strike" or standard issue coins. The West Point, New York and the San Francisco, California mints both have produced PROOF coins as well as business strikes


"It is one thing for the newspapers to keep blathering about an economic recovery that is nowhere in evidence for most Americans, but quite another to have us infer that the currency of our bankrupt nation is correctly viewed as a safe haven for investors."
Rick Ackerman

"Gold has been considered valuable since time immemorial, can anyone believe gold can be so valued by every society, both past and present, because of prejudice or mistaken theory?"